I am a division one college catcher hoping to get the call one day that a major league team decided I am halfway decent enough to take a chance on and at least catch some bullpens in rookie ball.  Until then I decided to start this blog up and help out other catchers so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.  Where do I play you might ask?  I am not at liberty to disclose this information but we are an up and coming force looking to make a name for ourselves.  I know what you are thinking after reading that last sentence, we probably suck.  Quite the opposite actually we were top 20 in the country in most offensive categories and had some votes to be nationally ranked for a while.  But none of that is important, I’m just a guy who happens to have some soft hands, an icbm for an arm, and a mind that works in mysterious ways.


Have a suggestion for a new post or an article you want featured, contact me at candidcatcher@aol.com.


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