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The Hardest Pitch to Catch

Most young catchers think the hardest pitch to catch is something that breaks, whether it be a curveball, slider, or something in between.  But the opposite is actually true.  The hardest pitch to catch in baseball is the fastball.  Not just any fastball.  The low fastball.  It is the hardest pitch to catch and present in the zone without looking like an idiot moving your glove up 8 inches after you catch it.  This makes you like you’ve never caught a day in your life and implies you think the ump is stupid enough not to realize you moved your glove.

The most effective way I have found to catch the low fastball or a sinker is to simply turn your glove down and bring your thumb up as you catch the baseball.  Just put your glove on and do this motion and you will see the glove moves several inches up into the zone without moving your whole arm.  If you are having trouble visioning this motion picture moving your wrist the opposite way to engage the throttle on a motorcycle.  On a motorcycle you pull your wrist towards you, to catch a low fastball you push the throttle away from your body.